A Space to Relax & Create

MOODRA is an online community offering Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Healing as well as creative workshops like Painting, Macrame, and Self Care. Our intention is to offer a space where anyone can be creative, find  joy, and foster balance in their lives, no matter what age, activity level or β€œmood” they’re in. 

Quiet the mind, Ignite the Soul. 



MOODRA is the ideal space for anyone new to Yoga or the Creative Arts, or for advanced students who prefer to take classes in the comfort of their own home over packed crowds at a large studios. Our focus is life balance, stress-reduction, and bringing both body and mind into harmony. If you've been searching for tools to keep you calm throughout the day or just need some guaranteed "me time" during your week, you've found the right place!



Meditations On Demand - COMING FALL 2019!

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