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Spring Equinox Guided Meditation + Sound Healing

Wednesday, March 20th 7:00P - 8:00P

Grab a friend and welcome the arrival of Spring on the Vernal Equinox! We'll set intentions to help you make the most of the season ahead and give you tools to keep the seeds we plant nurtured and growing strong!

During this 60 minute experience, you will be shown how to create a unique and powerful intention followed by a carefully crafted guided meditation to assist in allowing your intention to bloom to its highest potential.

A full set of quartz crystal singing bowls, symphonic gong, and tuning forks will be used to aid in moving and releasing stagnant energy and will clear the path for your intention to take root. Plant your seeds and watch them grow!

*Please note that some mats, bolsters and blankets will be available at the studio, however, you are encouraged to bring any props such as pillows, eye covers or blankets from home to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during our time together.*